Galaxy: Eternal Warfare


Galaxy: Eternal Warfare is a fast-paced, multiplayer inter-galactic strategy game offering unlimited game-play, round after round of addictive adrenaline pumping action and cut-throat competiton with players all around the world.
*Build up troops and send swarms of them to crush your enemies.
*An awesome hybrid of classic arcade-action & real-time multiplayer strategy.
*Over 50 different unique maps or “Galaxies” and endless single-player game play for truly eternal warfare.
*15 unique mission types: take on multiple computer-controlled enemies, test your powers of foresight in stealth, rebel     against an established enemy or take on the ultimate challenge in Titan.
*Adapt to the computer-controlled enemy strategies and advance your way through the difficulty ranks from Private to Admiral as you get better, smarter and faster
*Take on the world in multiplayer mode, battling players from across the globe in battles that take place across galaxies.
*Multiplayer mode is cross-platform so you can play with all of your friends regardless of what device they own!
*Stunning Special effects , electrifying music & an intuitive interface.

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